Study of Comparative Politics for Progressive Leaders

As a progressive leader, it is imperative that you understand the nuances of various political systems across the world. This could be the inter-related systems within the federal structure of the country, or conflicts and alliances on a global scale. A sub-field of this field of study is Comparative Foreign Policy, and in the wake of various global events, this is undoubtedly the most critical field of thought for the progressive leaders of tomorrow. While the dawn of the new millennium saw the awakening of a collective global political conscience and solid steps towards globalization, the recent emergence of right wing leaders has pushed back the concept and is leading to reverse globalization in many ways. To ensure that this does not lead to fascism, it is important to shape our younger generation into progressive leaders.

Essential Qualities of a Progressive Political Leader

The most powerful, popular and successful political leaders across various countries, both past and present, have several common traits in terms of their leadership abilities. Here’s a look at the most essential qualities that we strive to develop in our students:-

  • Honesty- Yes, this might sound ironic, but being ‘politically correct’ always would be the last thing that one would seek in a progressive leader in this day and age. The need of the hour is to cultivate honest leaders who are in sync with themselves and the citizens whom they are answerable to. Honestly instills credibility, confidence and will take you miles ahead in the long run, earmarking real progress.
  • Compassion- Again, this quality cuts across the ‘ruthless, throat-cutting political leadership stereotype’ that we commonly harbor. An able political leader is compassionate to the point of not yielding to weakness. This is a sure-shot route popularity and sustains yourself in the long run.
  • Integrity- As a malicious or morally defunct leader, you might achieve short-term goals, but you will not be able to sustain your leadership caliber in the long run. Political integrity is the key to long-term political success, and the sooner you realize it as a progressive leader, the easier your path will be.
  • Confidence- More than anything else, your voters look upon you as a role model. This is only possible when you set an example as a confident leader. There would be several instances in your career when things go awry and you make mistakes. But your confidence and charisma is something that will bail you out at every instance.

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