Financial Planning Basics

All You Need To Know About Financial Planning

Even with the popularity of financial advisers or financial planners on Twitter, most people still don’t really understand the basic steps of financial planning. This might result in fraud or loss of money because only you makes the final decisions on investing. So it’s important to learn a few things about this fundamental life skill.

All you need to know about financial planning

What is financial planning?

In simple words, financial planning is simply the process of spending your money to meet your personal goals. The first stage is always to answer a series of questions about yourself. What would you expect to achieve in the next 1, 5, 7 or 20 years? What is the most important thing in your life? What makes you feel happy? What are your life statements?

In most cases, these questions need to make you consider your priorities, goals, and life. Without a good understanding of those things, it is impossible to make a good financial plan. Don’t worry about the financial aspects as these are just secondary. Once you have defined your goals well, it’s time to plan the cents and dollars.

Keep in mind that financial planning isn’t synonymous with investing, stock picking or asset management. Although investing plays an essential role in this process, it is just a small part of the whole plan.

What’s included in the financial planning process?

  1. Cash flow management: How much are you earning, saving, and spending? Do you prepare an adequate fund for emergency situations? Where would you hold an emergency fund to get the highest return?
  2. Debt management: Do you have any debt? If so, what is the interest rate? How much money should you pay monthly? Should you prioritise debt repayments over investing and saving?
  3. Real estate: Are you renting or owning a home, apartment or something else? Are you planning to refinance the mortgage? Is it a good idea to use a reverse mortgage after retirement?
  4. Investing: What are the investment options available to you? How many fees should you pay for a financial advisor? Do you utilise retirement plans available? Are your investments risky?

Why does financial planning matter

Why does financial planning matter?

With a good financial plan, you can improve many parts of your life…

  • Financially smart: Understand your cash flow and how to allocate it could help you find out possible issues in the future. Thus, it is much easier to manage your money wisely and take advantage of available resources.
  • More income: Those people who know how to perform a process of financial planning can have a high level of wealth compared to other people. Of course, you will not get rich and affluent overnight, but having a sound financial plan could help you spend, save, and invest much better.
  • More confidence: In life, you will feel extremely confident when you are well prepared for something that is going to happen. And this is totally correct in financial life. Creating a detailed plan will help you control the cash flow better.

Skip Bins Industry

The Ins and Outs of the Skip Bins Industry

Over the last decade, the skip bin industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Retailers and households, seeking waste removal services, are the driving force behind this growth. Thanks to product developments and broadening applications, the industry’s future is sound. Besides homes and merchants, industry leaders rent skip bins to manufacturers and construction companies. Customers have varying but high expectations. Often, they seek short-term and convenient waste solutions.

Industry Threats and Opportunities

  • Clients require skip bins of different sizes and types.
  • Certain players offer discounts to remain relevant and be competitive.
  • High demand for skip bins is set to pep the industry’s performance.

Additional Insights

For your business to last and flourish in this niche, you better possess the ability to…

Demand from manufacturing and building companies powers business growth.

What’s the Skip Bin Industry Like?

Companies lease skip bins to commercial and residential clients. People with large waste volumes are the best renters. Garbage experts deliver skip bins and pick them up when they’re full. Industry products include walk-in skip bins, small skips, mobile skips and Marrell bins. Rental, delivery and disposal are the main activities.

Operating Conditions

Firms that get off to a good start, have high chances of success. Therefore, enter the industry with a bang. One good strategy is marketing your business before you start and as you grow. Advertising beforehand creates awareness and raises expectations. Encourage loyal customers to share the love they have for your bins and services. Referrals are essential because they bring in new business.

For smooth operations, hire competent staff including garbage collectors and truck operators. Employ an accountant to manage your finances if your revenue is substantial. Create a usable and likeable website. The website is for marketing, renting and blogging purposes. Don’t sacrifice quality if you manufacture skip bins. Design bins that come in various sizes and styles. Only then can you cater to customers. A great website model is Supreme Skip Bins Adelaide. Their overall layout is set up optimally for user experience. They make it easy to book a bin, and also clearly show their different bin sizes.

Competitive Landscape

Competition is rife in the skip bins industry. You gotta step up or else tap out. While competition is stiff, don’t rush to slash prices. Instead, offer suitable skip bins and excellent customer service. That’s what clients are looking for. Once in a while, dish out discounts to attract customers and increase demand. To outclass your competitors, learn their business strategy – how they market, what they offer and what their prices are. If you can’t beat them head-on, join forces with trucking and recycling companies.

Pricing Services and Products

The prices you offer can make-or-break your skip bins business. Under-pricing downs profits while overpricing dispels clients. Research the market and your competitors to know the standard price. If your services and bins are stellar, start high while giving discounts. Competitive prices work great for average firms.

Now you know what’s shaping and shaking up the skip bins industry. Since trash is here to stay, renting skip bins is profitable as long as you know the tricks of the trade. Good to go, right?

Boost Gift Box Sales

Superb Ways to Improve Gift Box Sales

It’s not easy to sell gift boxes in this economy. Rents are up, competition is stiff and sales are down. No one is spared, be it mom-and-pop or big-name gift stores. But, as the holiday season draws near, there’s a silver lining. When people send gifts to family and friends, your sales grow and business profits. So what should you do before the gift-giving frenzy sets in? Here’s how to sell gift boxes like hot cakes.

Great Customer Service

Know your customers by name and face. Make them feel appreciated and welcomed. And find out if they love or loathe your products. Happy customers spread the word about your business. The more they mention you, the more boxes you sell.

Hire a Merchant

Salespeople are born, not made. If your sales are depreciating, chances are, you don’t know how to sell. To boost your sales, hire a salesperson. Look for someone who cares about your business and believes in your products.

Location, Location, Location

A good location increases walk-in-traffic, while a difficult-to-reach location shrinks your business. Choose a location where people frequent – or with many parking lots. This makes it easy for customers to access you. For a home-based business, selling door-to-door is a nice idea.

Offer Unique Products

Customers will buy your boxes, over and over again, if they like what they see. New and repeat business is likely if you develop products that can’t be found elsewhere. Competition decreases when you’re the only one in town selling a certain gift box. For instance, Bundle & Twine, have both pre-designed (, and also a “make your own” option.

Sizes and Styles

Provide a variety of sizes, patterns and colours to suit your customer base. Note which colours, sizes and styles sell well. If a customer buys one product, show them other gift boxes they might like. Stock boxes with the highest demand.

Competitive Prices

Pricing is tricky business. You don’t want to undersell and lose money or overprice and lose clients. Experts recommend that, for more sales, retailers shouldn’t mark down or hike their products by a large margin. Instead, offer specials or discounts. Great deals attract customers.

Free Extras

Everyone loves freebies. And that’s what you should give. Offer free shipping or free gift wraps. These things don’t cost much but build loyalty. If possible, dish out discounts to regulars. Surprise your clients by exceeding their expectations.

Client Needs

Listen and respond to customer needs. Customer feedback is the best source of info and ideas. Take customer complaints as a chance to improve. If someone is complaining, others know the same issue but don’t want to raise concerns.

Go Online

Create a website to retain customers who prefer shopping online. Going online is a good move – you stay open 24/7, gain new loyal customers and reduce expenses like rent. For those who aren’t tech-savvy, hire someone to fashion your online shop.

Quality Products

To get people talking about you, focus on quality. Selling quality products makes you a reliable and reputable merchant. Follow this route if you really want to increase sales and draw clients.

Finding A Leading Building Company

How to find a leading building company in your city

Once upon a time, the construction industry was full of professionals who had a keen eye for detail. Today, the industry is under attack from quacks who can’t even build a kennel. Even with all that mess, veteran building companies are still standing tall. If you’re looking to build, remodel or renovate your house, it’s sensible to work with mavens rather than cons who entice you with cheap quotes. Here’s how to pinpoint the building leader in your town.

Use your designer

Many local designers know or have done projects similar to yours. Construction companies often hire a designer to take on design services, project advisory and certification elements. A designer, who’s familiar with the local building scene, may help you in your hunt for a reputable contractor. They can give you a few names of building companies they’ve worked with in the past.

Check out boards

Reputations don’t last long. What made a builder great 10 years ago may no longer be special today. So instead of looking at homes a building company built when you were a kid, find local construction work that is going on. As sign boards are the most effective and basic form of advertisement for building companies, you may want to check them out. The company’s style of work is a non-issue. What you see on the board is the real evidence of a company’s enthusiasm and reputability.

Talk to inspectors

Building inspectors are like supervisors. They inspect new buildings to see if they’re built well. If something is missing or not perfect, they recall the builder to make necessary changes. Since they’ve “supervised” many local builders, they know who does a great job and who does shoddy work. Nowadays, inspectors help renovators and self-builders looking for building companies. They wink, nod and hint at a company’s work. However, these are not actual recommendations. And no building inspector can warranty a trouble-free project.

Get recommendations

Family, friends and neighbours are a great source of recommendations. They can give you names of reliable construction companies in your area. Chances are they have a house that you admire. If so, ask for their builder’s name and contacts. Anyone, who has been through a major building project, is always eager to discuss their project and builders with you.

Trade associations

The Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association are a good place to start. These trade associations perform physical and reference checks on the work done by members. When you consult them or visit their websites, you can obtain a list of reputable building companies.


Local tradesmen know building companies that command local respect and have a golden reputation. Most tradesmen recommend who they like working with and who they view as a great source of work. Engage with one of them to get a grid of local, reputable names.

Avoid low prices

Low prices may tempt you and high prices may fool you. A high price does not necessarily guarantee quality. If a company’s quote is considerably low, be suspicious. Such companies make a profit by cutting corners and introducing extra costs as work progresses.

If you’re searching for the leading building company, then we recommend Kookaburra Homes, builders in Adelaide. For more resources, visit their Adelaide builders Facebook account, or contact them on Twitter.

Finding A Good Naturopath

Finding a good naturopath that is right for you

Do you know your body has a “vital force” that promotes self-healing? Welcome to the world of Naturopathy! Naturopathic treatment is not your everyday treatment. Rather than treating symptoms, it treats the underlying causes of diseases. And rather than using modern medical practices, it uses non-invasive and non-toxic methods. Though the medical value of naturopathy is controversial, its effectiveness is superb. Many patients have benefited from naturopathic treatment. You too can benefit only if you find a good naturopath. Here’s how:

Identify your needs

Naturopathy covers several modalities. Decide which type of treatment suits your needs best. Then look for a naturopath who specialises in that area of health. Naturopathic treatment encompasses botanical medicine (use of plants to prevent or treat disease). Homoeopathic medicine (use of natural substances to stimulate self-healing). And lifestyle counselling (involves advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle).

Determine who you want

In some countries, there’s a difference between “naturopaths” and “naturopathic physicians”. Naturopaths focus on purely alternative therapies. Naturopathic physicians, on the other hand, specialise in conventional medicine. If you prefer alternative medicine, then a naturopath may fit your requirements.

Search the internet

Most countries and states have professional bodies that have directories of naturopaths. Begin your hunt by looking for local practitioners in these directories. Pick out potential candidates with clinics near where you live. Your choice of naturopathic doctor depends on your priorities. For instance, what gender do you prefer your physician to be? Know your priorities before creating your shortlist.

Ask for references

Talk to friends, colleagues or relatives who’ve used naturopaths. People on internet message boards or from your local community can also be of great help. They may have recommendations and tips about which doctor to choose. Ask in health shops and other places offering alternative treatments. These places usually have ties to alternative healthcare providers. They may refer you to the right person. Find out why they are vouching for that physician. Your priorities and those of the person giving referrals should match up.

Look for websites

See if the practitioner you’re investigating has an online presence or is active on social media. If they do, look at the website or social media profile to get a sense of the doctor’s personality and field of expertise. This will give you an idea of how they handle patients and practise medicine before you delve deeper. A great example of this, is Alex Fisher Health.

See if you’re compatible

Arrange a phone call or an office meeting with your prospective naturopath. Introduce yourself and get to know the care provider. Find out how the practitioner makes decisions, how they co-operate with patients, and how often they communicate with patients. Are your beliefs, personalities and approaches to healthcare compatible? If not, look for medical assistance elsewhere.

Look for credentials

Qualifications vary from one regulatory body to another. Therefore, consult your local regulatory body and determine which qualifications you should be seeking. Basically, a naturopath should be a graduate of a naturopathic medical school. Look for professional certification as well. A naturopath should be licensed and be a member of a professional organisation.

Choosing An Interior Designer

5 steps to consider when choosing an interior designer

Want to remodel your kitchen, create a home theatre or change your home’s overall design? Hiring an interior designer to spruce up the look of your home will make it easier for you to pick paint colours and reach a decision when it comes to style, fabrics and patterns. A do-it-yourself design project can be expensive and full of mistakes. Therefore, save yourself the costs and havoc by choosing the right designer. If you have trouble finding your ideal design partner, consider the following tips before and when you start your search for an interior designer.

1. Know your style

Doing a little preparation beforehand will save you time and money. Collecting ideas and photos of looks, colours, accessories and furniture that you like will help layout your style goals, make sure that your personal taste is in line, and help you find the right interior designer. Some homeowners love a style they have seen in person, like Artificial Plant Shop’s fake plants in a friend’s home or a chic hotel. Other homeowners have words to describe their design. Whatever your style is, gathering ideas and having pictures are important in turning your dreams into reality.

2. Check credentials

Only work with a qualified professional, who is licensed, bonded and insured. Your interior designer will be in constant contact with you – and around your house leading your home’s overall design. Therefore, having someone who is reliable and certified is crucial. This is highly important, especially if you’re planning to hire a professional for an extensive project like a new home construction or major renovation. Also, ask for references from past clients and understand the professional’s capabilities.

3. Create a budget

Different interior designers are paid differently. Some prefer an hourly fee, some charge a flat fee and others require an upfront fee. When preparing your budget, consider how much money you’re willing to invest in the project. Talk to various professionals, and ask questions to clarify how they’ll spend your money. An honest and trustworthy designer will stay within your budget and make sure not to overspend.

4. Be honest and open

To get the most out of your project, be clear and honest about your likes and dislikes. If the interior designer’s ideas don’t match your preferences, don’t change your mind or let the designer dictate what style will suit your home. Instead, communicate with them to align your design concepts, head off potential issues and put your project on track. On the other hand, hear them out and be open to possibility, because interior designers are trained and skilled experts, who know current design trends and products, which you may not be aware of.

5. Verify their availability

Too busy and distracted professionals may delay your project or fail to meet your design goals. To avoid this situation, talk with different interior designers in Adelaide concerning their schedule and when they’ll be available to put 100% effort into your project. If your preferred professional is not always available to provide service, then decide if you are willing to limit some project aspects to fit into their schedule. A high-quality home designer is organized, works on schedule and keeps billing on target.

Leader In Property Management

Seeking out the leader in property management. Follow these steps

Hiring a property manager can be beneficial in boosting your portfolio, managing the day-to-day tasks and securing your investment. However, finding the best property manager is not an easy task. If you’re a new real estate investor or planning to venture into real estate investments, you may not know the criteria to judge and distinguish the different property management firms. But this piece has all the steps you need to take to find the leaders in real estate management.

Get referrals

The first and best way to find a reliable property manager is through referral or word-of-mouth. By talking to property owners and real estate agents in your area, you’ll be able to get some great options. Get a list of property management companies or property managers they are currently using or they have used. It’s important to check with them what issues they’ve had and what they’ve been impressed with. As a referral can be biased, it’s essential to get credible referrals from various sources. If people say the same thing about a property company or manager, may it be good or bad, there’s a greater chance it’s true.

Do an online search

Online research for property managers can reap great results. Websites like Hipages allow you to specify your location and the size of your property before generating a list of property management agencies in your area. Before interviewing candidates, check out their reviews on sites like Google, Yelp or even Facebook. It’s a good idea to check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to see what kind of ratings the manager or company has and if any complaints have been filed against them. In your research, you’ll likely come across some of the companies or managers that you got through referrals. Similarly, see additional reviews and learn more about the company.

Check out their work

See what fashion the property managers operate in. Look at some of their rental ads. Are they compelling, professional and non-discriminatory? Do they advertise on multiple platforms, or are their adverts limited to community bulletin boards? Also, check out the properties they manage? Are they clean and well maintained? You can get useful information by talking to the tenants they manage. Do the tenants plan to sign a new lease? Are their complaints addressed? How long does it take to fix repair and maintenance issues? These questions are helpful in determining if the current tenants are satisfied and happy with the management’s services and performance.

Interview several property managers

Just as you will screen and interview prospective tenants, you’ll want to interview several management companies or property managers. Compare them, including their prices, to find the one you’re comfortable working with or trusting your properties with. Interviewing potential managers will enable you to determine the good and the bad. You’ll be able to pinpoint those with a proven plan and real industry knowledge and those without. Also, ask about their experience and education, fees charged, services provided and if they are conversant with the landlord-tenant law. If the candidate is dismissive or hostile during their interview, or they don’t talk about improving your portfolio, then they won’t be able to manage your property as you’d like.

Wine Racks And Wine Cabinets Online Distributors

How to find the best wine racks and wine cabinets online distributors

Setting up a wine shop, or you just want more storage space for your growing wine collection?

Wine cabinets and wine racks are great wine accessories ideal for displaying, protecting and storing your expensive wine bottles. Today, these accessories are readily available in brick- and-mortar stalls as well as online shops. Sourcing your wine racks and cabinets from online stores is convenient, affordable and less time-consuming. If you prefer shopping for wine paraphernalia online, then you’ll need to work with a credible online distributor. If you’re wondering how to find one, we’ve made it easier for you!

Just follow these tips.

Get references

Probably, you have friends and colleagues who are committed wine collectors. When you gather or dine with them, ask them to recommend an online distributor they have used successfully. Similarly, ask how content they were with the products and services. If their wine racks or wine cabinets were delivered on time and in good quality, then you will also get a good deal. If they received the wrong package or items were delivered in poor condition, then stay away from that distributor.

Try searching for distributors on Google

Conduct a Google search for the terms “wine rack suppliers” or “wine cabinet distributors”. To get better search results, include your area or city. Get deeper into the search by visiting the websites of the top distributors. See what types of wine accessories they supply and what their clients are saying about them. It’s helpful to check out their prices, payment and delivery options, and note down their contacts.

Contact the online distributors

Send an email or give them a call. When on the phone, ask the distributors several questions about their company and services. Ask how long they have been in the distribution industry.

Where they source their products. What type of wine accessories they distribute. What distribution channels they use. And how long it takes them to supply items.

Check out reviews

Online distributors of wine racks and wine cabinets usually have reviews on their websites. These may be positive or negative reviews. Affirmative reviews show customer satisfaction, while bad reviews indicate customer dissatisfaction. A distributor with lots of good reviews usually supplies quality accessories; offers great customer service; sells products at pocket- friendly prices, and is reputable. Be aware of distributors with lots of bad reviews. Often they are unscrupulous and con-artists trying to empty people’s wallets.

Attend trade shows

One of the best ways to find real online distributors is to attend trade shows which are not open to the general public. When you visit wine accessory markets, you’ll find a large number of manufacturers and distributors who may be willing to show you some of their products and work with you. How they present themselves and their products will give you an idea of their quality of service and credibility. Alternatively, you can check out the classifieds and ads for distributors in trade magazines.

Ask around

Wine and wine accessory sellers can be a great source of distributor recommendations. Ask them where they source their wine racks and wine cabinets. Don’t forget to reward them with a bottle of fine wine when they lead you to a reliable online distributor.

Need a reputable wine rack company? Check out an Australian leader, The Wine Rack Shop. They deliver Australia wide and have a full range of wine rack accessories to pick from. Visit their YouTube channel for step by step videos on how to assemble a wine rack.

Business Marketing In Adelaide

The Australian city of Adelaide, with about 1.3 million human population, is a potential “green pasture” for any business organization that knows how to identify and cash in on opportunities. Its status as the capital city of the state of South Australia makes it a business haven. Being able to win just ten percent of this huge population for your brand will translate to a lot of profit.

So, what can you put in place to increase your brand popularity in Adelaide? What marketing strategies can you adopt for that highly desired business progress? Check below for time-tested three business marketing strategies that can never fail in this city.

Product Presentation

You need to present your product in a unique way different from the way your competitors present theirs to attract the desired attention. Proper product packaging can give you an edge in your niche and increase your brand’s popularity in no time. The product must be presented in the way the people want.

How can you know what the people want? Get feedback from prospective customers to have a hint on this.

• Make your product fit the expectation of the prospective customers.
• Make your price competitive
• Proper brand packaging is very essential.

Networking to the rescue

Networking has proved to be an effective weapon in gaining new customers. While it may not work for all businesses, it can still take center stage in many. It is one of the most reliable and cost-effective means of growing your business and getting the Adelaide community sensitized about your brand name and how it can benefit them.

• Networking enables easier and faster interaction with prospective customers.
• It breaks the dividing wall between brand owners and the general public.
• It transcends the limits of the internet.

Improve your first impression

You should work on how your website appears to visitors since the first impression is usually the last impression. How can you improve your website functionality towards increasing sales and brand popularity in Adelaide?

• Website optimization: Your website gives you a huge leverage, and it can transform you to an online authority if you optimize its content. Make the website look professional and welcoming. Make it user-friendly and accessible on mobile devices.

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Proper SEO can push your website to the front page and first spot on major search engines, like Google. Research shows that Google is the most popular search engine with 77% popularity compared to others, like Baidu, Bing, and Yahoo. Making your website to fit Google’s requirements will prove healthy for your business. Websites on the first spot on Google have 7.1% Click through Rate (CTR); websites on position 2 have 3.01% CTR, and it further decreases down the list.