Are leaders born or made?

This is an eternal question that has sparked off numerous debates and points of view. Some believe that the zest of leadership is in-born whereas others would opt for the fact that this is purely a cultivated mode of human development, brought about by the environment in which the person is brought up as well as careful nurturing and meticulously structured training. This is an institute where we firmly believe in the latter. And when it comes to political leadership, this becomes all the more necessary.

Our Vision

As a leadership school, we want to spread awareness of how conscientious and progressive political leaders can bring about a sea change in our society, country and world altogether. Given the common perception of politics being a murky field, one tends to find a whole lot of entrants and subsequent leaders who are not mentally equipped to take on challenging roles and live up to their responsibilities.

When democracy is in question, we cannot afford to lose out on capitalizing the potential of our brightest minds in the realm of politics. Therefore, as a world-class institution for political leadership training, we envision a nation and subsequently a world where the brightest minds are systematically trained and drawn into politics, going on to become progressive political leaders who streamline positive change, social justice and holistic development.

We have worked with dozens of clients to deliver solid leadership training; including Inversion Table ReviewsNancy Pelosi, Tribune Media and Thrive Magazine.

Our Mission

While we’ve spoken of our long-term objectives or ideals that we aim to fulfill in the longer run, our mission statement includes immediate objectives with regard to providing top-notch leadership training.

We aim to bring together high-tech training infrastructure, top-notch faculty and unrivalled training methodologies to train, nurture and develop the most able political leadership, and progressive leaders who initiate positive changes at various levels for the collective uplifting of society.