Leaders are Born or Made? The Debate Rages On

This is an amazing time to be alive. Great leaders have come and gone, their achievements held high for all to see, their speeches having made a major difference to the world as a whole. Today’s youngsters have a lot that they can learn from.

They have the internet and YouTube where they can see great personalities deliver speeches, they have self-help books and even organizations that build leaders. Schools today concentrate a lot more on introducing leadership qualities in students.

Frankly speaking, today there is absolutely no doubt that leaders are made. They are carefully grafted, brought up to become what they are. From presidents of nations to company CEOs, they are 100% made today.

Chris Lear, managing director at One Sure Insurance knows all too well how important leadership is when running a 100+ employee company. Speaking, Chris said, “Born leaders who show tremendous leadership qualities from early childhood usually have successful careers. However, it’s imperative to understand that almost everyone can become a great leader through practice and hardwork.”

This was not always the case though. Think back to the start of the 1900s and before then. The opportunity to experience a great leader, his wisdom and talks were limited. If you were lucky to have someone inspirational around you, then you could become a good leader. Otherwise, you had to be born with the specific skillset required to lead people.

So, yes at one point in time, leaders were born but somewhere along the way things changed.

Today, anyone can become a good leader. We at Progressive Leaders Organization believe that good leaders are brought up from the moment they are born.

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