Where Are All The Good Fitness Trainers?

Where are all the good fitness trainers? Here’s how to find them

Crazy for Cross Fit, lifting weights or hitting the track? What you need is a good personal trainer!

Trainers can be a great resource if you’re looking to stay fit and healthy. They can help you set achievable goals and strategies. Guide you to prepare for a race or competition. Or just motivate and inspire you.

Rock star trainers are dime a dozen. But how do you actually find one? Simply follow this guide to finding a good fitness trainer.

Know what you want

First, decide why you need a fitness trainer. Is it for toning, weight loss or sports training? Remember, your goals should be specific; achievable; relevant; measurable and have a set deadline.

Look for experience

When you get a sense of what you’re after, start looking for fitness trainers who have expertise in your area of interest. For instance, if you want to run your first marathon, look for a fitness professional who trains track athletes. A trainer, who has worked with many people with different fitness needs, has enough experience and is worthy to work with.

Do an online search

Search for fitness trainers in your city on Google. See who comes up first. Visit their website. Check out their services and any potential reviews. Testimonials on their website can be an easy and quick way to determine if past clients approve their services and if their interests match your own.

Ask for referrals

Friends, family and workmates with similar goals are great resources. That friend of yours who has toned muscles or who is an athlete or who has lost some pounds may recommend a fitness trainer they have used. If their workout was successful and they were able to achieve their fitness goals, chances are, the trainer will align with your goals and coach you toward betterment.

Do some homework

Call or email several fitness trainers. Or visit a gym near you. When on phone, ask about their expertise, pricing, exercise methods and fitness philosophy, and the type of clients they train. If their answers are vague or if you feel repelled, they probably won’t be a good fit. When you visit a gym, watch trainers as they interact with their clients. If they stay engaged with their clients, have a good rapport, and match the workout to the client; add them to your list.

Consider qualifications

Though qualifications aren’t indicative of a trainer’s skills, a professional with certifications is knowledgeable about your body and can determine what exercises are best for you. To know if a trainer is certified, visit Fitness Australia. There you can view the trainer’s qualifications, years of experience, skills, and delivery knowledge.

Know your budget

Your journey to fitness should not be costly. Fitness trainers normally charge per session, largely dependent upon experience, location, and how busy they are. When looking for a trainer, consider their rates. If they fit your budget, well and good. If not, keep shopping around. Good hires can give your workout routine the needed boost. Bad hires will definitely ruin your fitness journey. Thankfully, these tips will help you find a quality fitness trainer.