Boost Gift Box Sales

Superb Ways to Improve Gift Box Sales

It’s not easy to sell gift boxes in this economy. Rents are up, competition is stiff and sales are down. No one is spared, be it mom-and-pop or big-name gift stores. But, as the holiday season draws near, there’s a silver lining. When people send gifts to family and friends, your sales grow and business profits. So what should you do before the gift-giving frenzy sets in? Here’s how to sell gift boxes like hot cakes.

Great Customer Service

Know your customers by name and face. Make them feel appreciated and welcomed. And find out if they love or loathe your products. Happy customers spread the word about your business. The more they mention you, the more boxes you sell.

Hire a Merchant

Salespeople are born, not made. If your sales are depreciating, chances are, you don’t know how to sell. To boost your sales, hire a salesperson. Look for someone who cares about your business and believes in your products.

Location, Location, Location

A good location increases walk-in-traffic, while a difficult-to-reach location shrinks your business. Choose a location where people frequent – or with many parking lots. This makes it easy for customers to access you. For a home-based business, selling door-to-door is a nice idea.

Offer Unique Products

Customers will buy your boxes, over and over again, if they like what they see. New and repeat business is likely if you develop products that can’t be found elsewhere. Competition decreases when you’re the only one in town selling a certain gift box. For instance, Bundle & Twine, have both pre-designed (, and also a “make your own” option.

Sizes and Styles

Provide a variety of sizes, patterns and colours to suit your customer base. Note which colours, sizes and styles sell well. If a customer buys one product, show them other gift boxes they might like. Stock boxes with the highest demand.

Competitive Prices

Pricing is tricky business. You don’t want to undersell and lose money or overprice and lose clients. Experts recommend that, for more sales, retailers shouldn’t mark down or hike their products by a large margin. Instead, offer specials or discounts. Great deals attract customers.

Free Extras

Everyone loves freebies. And that’s what you should give. Offer free shipping or free gift wraps. These things don’t cost much but build loyalty. If possible, dish out discounts to regulars. Surprise your clients by exceeding their expectations.

Client Needs

Listen and respond to customer needs. Customer feedback is the best source of info and ideas. Take customer complaints as a chance to improve. If someone is complaining, others know the same issue but don’t want to raise concerns.

Go Online

Create a website to retain customers who prefer shopping online. Going online is a good move – you stay open 24/7, gain new loyal customers and reduce expenses like rent. For those who aren’t tech-savvy, hire someone to fashion your online shop.

Quality Products

To get people talking about you, focus on quality. Selling quality products makes you a reliable and reputable merchant. Follow this route if you really want to increase sales and draw clients.