Finding A Leading Building Company

How to find a leading building company in your city

Once upon a time, the construction industry was full of professionals who had a keen eye for detail. Today, the industry is under attack from quacks who can’t even build a kennel. Even with all that mess, veteran building companies are still standing tall. If you’re looking to build, remodel or renovate your house, it’s sensible to work with mavens rather than cons who entice you with cheap quotes. Here’s how to pinpoint the building leader in your town.

Use your designer

Many local designers know or have done projects similar to yours. Construction companies often hire a designer to take on design services, project advisory and certification elements. A designer, who’s familiar with the local building scene, may help you in your hunt for a reputable contractor. They can give you a few names of building companies they’ve worked with in the past.

Check out boards

Reputations don’t last long. What made a builder great 10 years ago may no longer be special today. So instead of looking at homes a building company built when you were a kid, find local construction work that is going on. As sign boards are the most effective and basic form of advertisement for building companies, you may want to check them out. The company’s style of work is a non-issue. What you see on the board is the real evidence of a company’s enthusiasm and reputability.

Talk to inspectors

Building inspectors are like supervisors. They inspect new buildings to see if they’re built well. If something is missing or not perfect, they recall the builder to make necessary changes. Since they’ve “supervised” many local builders, they know who does a great job and who does shoddy work. Nowadays, inspectors help renovators and self-builders looking for building companies. They wink, nod and hint at a company’s work. However, these are not actual recommendations. And no building inspector can warranty a trouble-free project.

Get recommendations

Family, friends and neighbours are a great source of recommendations. They can give you names of reliable construction companies in your area. Chances are they have a house that you admire. If so, ask for their builder’s name and contacts. Anyone, who has been through a major building project, is always eager to discuss their project and builders with you.

Trade associations

The Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association are a good place to start. These trade associations perform physical and reference checks on the work done by members. When you consult them or visit their websites, you can obtain a list of reputable building companies.


Local tradesmen know building companies that command local respect and have a golden reputation. Most tradesmen recommend who they like working with and who they view as a great source of work. Engage with one of them to get a grid of local, reputable names.

Avoid low prices

Low prices may tempt you and high prices may fool you. A high price does not necessarily guarantee quality. If a company’s quote is considerably low, be suspicious. Such companies make a profit by cutting corners and introducing extra costs as work progresses.

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